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Why Choose Footprint Africa Business Solutions?

Footprint Africa Business Solutions is an IT Business Solutions provider specialising in SW Solutions, Services, Training, and IT Security.


Footprint Africa Business Solutions (FABS) is a company that was inspired by frogs, dumping grounds, and handouts. It’s the antidote to the patronising tone adopted by the rest of the world as it pats Africa on the back. It is the company that was started nearly 20 years ago to rewrite the narrative of Africa by showcasing how the continent is leading the way in innovation and invention.​


FABS has implemented market-leading solutions across Africa, working closely with local talent and business to ensure skills are circulated and investment managed carefully. Where other companies come in with packages and recommended solutions, FABS comes in with an open mind and open playbook.​


The FABS ethos is to work with customers and their existing technology base. If a customer is working with a specific product or package, then the solution developed by FABS will integrate it effectively. Not only does this reduce costs, but it minimises the barrier to entry. Employees will already be comfortable with the system and the enhancements will only improve productivity, rather than inhibit it.​

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