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Together, FABS and Logiproc are African based, process-driven, multidisciplinary engineering organisations, providing high-quality engineering solutions to industry. We focus on the design, construction, commissioning, and operations of metallurgical and process plants and apply our skills in the water sector, as a preferred electromechanical engineering partner. The core engineering staff includes Chemical, Metallurgical, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Civil and Structural engineers, all with a strong project engineering background.

Some of the engineering services include:

Blue Print

Project initiation and development:

We assist our clients in turning their ideas into projects by partnering with them from the conceptual stage through pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility stages up to the implementation. Our flexibility and unconventional thinking enable us to find solutions where others may see a dead end. We are equally comfortable completing the initial studies or providing consulting services and advice.

Implementation Planning

Project implementation and execution:

Our clients rely on us to provide cost-effective and fit for purpose implementation solutions. We are not shackled by convention and partner with our clients to find suitable implementation strategies, both in engineering as well as in contract
terms. Despite this, quality and safety are never compromised. Our implementation solutions include Project Management, Engineering, and Design, Procurement,
Construction Management and Commissioning.

Brake Operation Inspction

Plant operation and maintenance:

Operating and maintaining plants designed by us is a logical progression of our design and construction business. Even though operating and designing plants require different skillsets, the cross-pollination between these two activities is beneficial to both disciplines. These plants will be managed intelligently, getting the best recovery and throughput from the installed equipment while being sensitive to labour issues and SHEQ responsibilities.

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